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What is it to fall in love, with love? 


The thrill of falling in love is often the thrill of being loved back; the thrill of marriage is the thrill of loving someone for the rest of your life. Each day and year that passes is a triumph of this act of loving.


At WOWDINGS, all we aim is to make a positive difference in the lives of people we meet and work with, morally, ethically...


Our creations usually range from sophisticated, subtle, classy, thoughtful, quiet and unobtrusive captures...  to visibly poetic moody and dark portraitures ....and even to hauntingly beautiful complex images evoking tender feelings and a sense of time.


It is an inexhaustible love, for people, that compels WOWDINGS, to serve humanity, through a connection of heart, placing Purpose over Popularity, Collaboration over Comparison and People over Profit. 


WOWDINGS loves genuine expressions in imagery; something that, explores the chemistry between a couple with realistic honest captures, includes the raw...authentic...in-between vulnerable moments and tells the wedding story with such intimacy, that transcends wedding photography.


Having handled successfully, premium luxury weddings across several cultures and communities, and catering to a very niche clientele who prefer very sophisticated and classy, fine-art and editorial-esque work,  we are dedicated to relentlessly come up with outstanding perspectives, and we often go to extraordinary lengths in pursuit of an unbelievable shot.


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