Street Photography is a matter of form, content, curiosity, emotion and artistic daring where the only challenge is with yourself. We are talking also about a genre in constant evolution, reflecting the changes of our society. 

Well known Mexican Street photographer Alex Coghe shares everything he has learned through these years in this eBook. A really comprehensive guide on street photography, it gives a first hand account of how to approach street photography and get better, with some really insightful tips coming from his experience.

Street photography mixes with pop culture, and this is true to the present day where often
pictures that obtain the greatest success are those that remind us of the mythical era,
maybe even simply by a pair of sun glasses framed in white or by the face of an aged
woman with fluffy hair (always rarer to come across nowdays).
This is also the reason why street photography is often in black and white. Something to
reflect upon…
And street photography, in my opinion, has the need to maintain a certain level of
aesthetics, leaving the freedom of language to anyone who has the possibility to explore
other moods and mental facades, even towards the most futuristic of beings.

To give a comprehensive definition of street photography is not easy. You might begin by
saying that it is a photographic genre, more precisely a kind of reportage. Street
photography is indeed a snapshot of urban life on the street observed in his everyday life
and in all its aspects: the irony, tragedy, unpredictability, cruelty and even beauty.
The images of this photographic genre are the mirror of society, the people who compose
it, captured during the life of every day somewhere keen eye for the nuances of the human
comedy that is taking place in public spaces. Being a street photographer means being in
tune with life, perceive the moods, smells, colors, live it with intensity and then try to
represent it only after it has absorbed.



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