Destination wedding in Goa

“The perfect match may be made in heaven, but the delightful memories of unison are best created at Caravela Beach Resort“..they claims it always. Well this was a super exciting destination wedding we have covered so far in Goa. The bride, Saniya ( from Nepal)and the Groom, Rohit (from Rajasthan)  both were at cloud9 on that particular day. After all, it is like a mini vacation for everybody! What can be more romantic than enjoying the warmth of the sun, powder soft beige sand to run on, the wind in your hair, the infinite ocean, waves playing at your feet. A beach wedding is so much more fun than you can think!

At Dawn, the wedding day, the lightings gave a warmth atmosphere to the mandap and its surrounding. Throughout the wedding, Saniya was seen smiling and laughing most of the time though she was nervous, and there was a lot of love and happiness filled on stage at the mandap. It was a mix of sentimental and happy moments in their wedding. Saniya, being the gorgeous and kind-hearted girl she is, has always been considerate and caring towards others despite it’s their wedding celebration. Other than the couple, their family has also been showing much hospitality towards the candid wedding photography team, and we’re most honoured to be part of their wedding.

Saniya // Rohit
Location: Caravela Beach Resort, Goa.

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