Ria // Sunil

Ria was from Kolkata. Sunil was from Pathankot. They got married in the quaint little town of Pathankot in Jammu, amidst the majestic Himalayas. When they first met our team for their pre-wedding shoot, she took the time to go through all of our work meticulously. She shared their journey, their chemistry, and things about their personalities. And then completely trusted our vision to come up with a shoot-design that was artsy,  urban, and contemporary. An editorial-like, classy, minimalistic, modern couple shoot. For the shooting spot, we helped them choose The Perfect Location( Faridabad), which had Santorini’s signature pristine white architecture with blue domes, theme set-up. She was madly in love with the work and called us creative magicians.

( From the Diary of the Bride )

“This is the story of two people who shouldn’t have met.
He looked like a typical snob from IIM Calcutta. Even then we became friends. Obviously it was meant to be.

Yes, we weren’t supposed to fall in love. But we eventually did. Maybe because it was meant to be.

Three years isn’t very long to claim that you have found your soulmate. As they say, sometimes even an entire life is not enough to know a person. However having said that, there are times when u just know. You should know that this is it.

My meeting with Sunil was an accident. We both were fellow interns during summers. He seemed very uptight and honestly I never thought that I could be friends with him at all. Towards the end of our two months internship, we struck a friendship, which luckily lasted from B-School n beyond. We both moved to Mumbai thanks to our first jobs and the friendship only grew stronger.

So through those numerous drinking sessions that we had, through those mindless banters at Marine drive, through those long commutes from Santa Cruz to Colaba, through those super awesome trips to Khandala, Lonavala, Mahabaleshwar, Panchgani, I somewhere somehow found my soulmate.”

We put out our artistically best in the modern couple shoot photos. Hopefully, you will love them as much as we do!


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