Stefani // Saptarshi
Saptarshi & Stefani met in New York. Saptarshi is a globe trotter… and travelled to most of Europe, Asia, and the Middle-East. He also, is a proud father of Ramson, the pup. Stefani is from North Carolina. She loves to dance, act, and do window-shopping.

This was one of those picture-perfect cross-cultural NRI weddings that we were lucky to cover, right here in the heart of Delhi/NCR, in the picture-perfect setting of ATS Village Clubhouse in Noida, the perfect wedding venue of Indian Habitat Centre, and amidst a stunning decor set-up at Holiday Inn, Delhi.

Stefani looks in her gorgeous American-Indian wedding, wore a Red Banarasi saree. As an American Bengali bride, she literally had everyone swooning.


T H A N K . Y O U

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