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Eastern India and Bangladesh have seen unprecedented damage to livelihood, land, and life. In India, Super-cyclone Amphan is yet to be declared a national disaster. Moreover, the Sundarbans – a unique ecosystem that has been under threat in the last many years from undesirable economic development–is severely damaged in the face of super-cyclone Amphan. After the storm, an estimated more than 3900 families are without a roof in the Sundarban areas. For a little more than 500 INR a day we can provide Tarpaulin to homeless people to accommodate their makeshift accommodations.
Your financial support to the Amphan relief fund will allow us to provide temporary roofing for over several families in Sundarban areas.

The days to come will be a major challenge for West Bengal politically. But the fallout will be human lives. Especially farmers. The future of the agrarian economy for three districts in West Bengal looks bleak, given that salt-water has seeped into fertile land. Moreover, Bangladesh has established a different aid economy wherein local, regional, national, and international aid agencies launch a concerted effort towards doing something. West Bengal is sadly at a great disadvantage in this respect.

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Booking wowdings for a cause

WOWDINGS has decided that our clients will receive a fixed 20% discount from each project from all our pre-wedding, family portraits & lifestyle sessions shoots till July ’20 . If you book a project with us, 5000INR ( out of your 20% discount ) will directly go to the relief fund of Amphan victims of Mousuni Island. You just have to show us the receipt of the donation ( post today) while making the booking.

When you are booking WOWDINGS, you just have to show us the receipts (post-dated), that you have paid the right amount from the total business amount of the project to the Cyclone affected people. And you need to pay only the rest to us for the shoot.

NGO “Tepantorer Swapno” based out of Sundarban is trying to establish direct digital contact between the donors and the suffering Islanders of Mousuni.

The contributor needs to directly send 1000 INR to the account of the victims concerned. The deprived person can then purchase the essential item he/ she is in need of. Keeping in mind an equitable distribution of the donated amount, they have stipulated that each beneficiary cannot be sent more than 1000 INR for now. Under the present circumstances, the NGO will not however accept any monetary contributions to their own account.

To find out more about the NGO, please contact :

Jyotirindra Narayan Lahiri
Editor Sudhu Sundarban Charcha
Mobile: 9732165813( WhatsApp ), 7003187682

Illustration: Anwesha Paul ( Facebook Page )
Main Informaion: Ahona Panda ( Doc File )


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