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Adusyanti Chatterjee

Hello and thanks for stopping by!
I am Adusyanti Chatterjee. Founder of Wowdings. Wowdings offers premium, luxury wedding photography, and cinematography services. I am also a travel addict and a full-time cat-mom.

Most of my work is in Storytelling and Reportage Style, and I specialize in investigative photojournalism, documentary, travel, and weddings.

I have been Awarded Montana Photography Award 2018, Portugal.

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all”

– Hellen Keller

What I love to shoot

I am a self-taught photographer and photography mentor, and I’m lucky to call the majestic subcontinent India, my home. The love for traveling in me is insatiable and my other lifelines are a few adorable kitties and an amazingly cute pup who has adopted me.


Crafting a Compelling Visual Narrative Workshop with National Geographic Photo Editor, Dominic Hildebrand, at the Indian Photo Festival, Hyderabad 2020.

Here are some photos from my archive for you to enjoy!

My journey in photography began with an emotional response to the world around me. It is important to me that a photograph communicates with my emotions. It needs to have a message, a feeling, a question, or something that makes me curious or shows the energy of the subject. I make an effort that my photographs puts the viewer in a moment of time, evokes senses, and tells a story.

I try to feel what my subject might be feeling. If we can tap into someone’s spirit, it opens us up as an artist. It can be a feeling of deep respect or fear or love or pain or inspiration or hope, or a memory transporting you to another place and time. I try to focus on the human elements of empathy, compassion, dignity, humility. That’s a very powerful connector, and that’s what photography feels like to me. We are nothing as human beings if we don’t experience the connection. If that connection means something to me then there’s a chance that it would mean something to other people. 


AIDWA 2019 | Spandan 2020


Covered the First Transgender Wedding of West Bengal and Assam


Life on the Go” in Deccan Chronicles ( July 30, 2017).
Official Photography-Cinematography partners, in a Wedding Reality show on NDTV, ( Yaari Dosti Shaadi (season 2).

Times of India
2017 – The Chic Insta Bloggable Weddings
2018 – The Rise of Micro Weddings
2019 – Sangeet gets Blingy

Wedding Photographer of the Year (2017-18), Finalist ( Best Photo series ), Better Photography Magazine.
WPOY (2017-18), Finalist ( Finer Details )
Finalist ( Best Photo-series on a single wedding), WPOY 2018-2019.
Finalist in HIPA 2017-18 International Photography Awards, Dubai.
World Photography Awards, by the World Photography Organization 2014 ( Somerset House, London).

Documentary wedding ( Graphic Content)

This wedding project of mine was nominated amongst the top ten finalists of Better Photography Wedding Photographer of the year 2018 awards, in the Best Wedding Photo series category.

I love to explore diverse cultures with remarkably unique elements, connect with the people, and tell their stories. My most favorite genre of photos is reportage and journalism based, and here is a story of a Christian wedding in a remote quaint village of Nagaland in India. This project mostly speaks of their native culture and tradition.

We mostly shoot destination wedding photography catering to a niche clientele and offer a blend of fine-art and photojournalistic style pictures.

Besides shooting wedding stories, and the world around us, I also do Documentary and Photojournalism based projects on issues, Travel and Landscape, Portraiture, Editorials, and other kinds of Commercial photography assignments, both locally and anywhere in the world you’d like to send me.


Real Weddings: A Dream Come True Meitei Nuptial, Brides Today (March 2020)
Most Luxurious Wedding Photographers of India, Wedding Vows (2019)
Wedding Photography Then and Now, Wedding Vows (2017)
Regional Weddings, Wedding Affair (2017)
Sananda ( 2016 )
Ei Samay ( 2020 )
Love Has No Gender, (2020)

I root for a clean beautiful sustainable planet, created out of love and compassion for the environment and all living things. I am deeply involved in the environment, human rights, and animal-rights related projects now, and that gives a purpose to my photography. Practicing a zero-waste living is the next thing on my bucket list!


Speaker, Alagappa University, Karaikudi, Tamilnadu, September 2018
Museo Camera Gurgaon (Proposed, August 2021)

IIT Delhi (Scheduled, August 2023)
SONY WPO 2014 | Wedding Vows | DECCAN CHRONICLE | Wedding Affair | Times of India  | Better Photography WPOY 2017-18 / Photoseries | Montana

Check out this collection of Documentary Photographs shot over a few hours of a day back in Kolkata, in 2018. It was supposed to be a part of a small presentation.

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