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Christian Wedding Photography in Kerala

Far from the hustle and bustle of the busy metropolitan cities, shooting a wedding in Kerala, God’s own country was a once in a lifetime rewarding experience for us. It is impossible to make the most of this place by shooting only one Destination Wedding in Kerala.

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The best 30 Indian films that every photographer should watch

Collection of the best 30 Indian films that every photographer should watch in this #lockdown period. This article brings together 30 of the best artistically created Indian fictional movies, that we shall analyse in detail to understand the use of art behind them. A movie is a collective work of each skilful artisan to make you seat on the edge in a movie hall. If a budding photographer wants to improve their craft, they need to learn how great filmmakers and cinematographers capture moving images on the screen to make a great cinema.

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International Movies Every Photographer Must Watch -Part 1

We are just too pumped to present to you a list of 120 best international movies every photographer must watch and you should add to your watchlist right now! Through generations, Cinema has inspired our lives to dream, to think, create, to inspire, to entertain, to guide, to influence, and even bring a revolution. Since… Read More