A Fine-Art Photography Exhibition

Ten years ago a remarkable chance came my way; the opportunity to exhibit my photography at the Jehangir Art Gallery. Mumbai called out to me during a time when my father was undergoing treatment at TATA MEMORIAL. Amidst taking care of him I found moments to discover the charm of the city from the streets of Lower Parel to the historic areas of Central Mumbai and Fort Area.

On a day while exploring around I stumbled upon the revered Jehangir Art Gallery, where creativity flowed effortlessly through the artworks of talented artists. Driven by an urge to showcase my perspective, to the world I bravely decided to invest my earnings from freelance graphic design into this venture. With excitement I handed in my application along, with a collection of my photos filled with hope and doubt.

After returning to Delhi, I diligently submitted my application, photographs, and fees for the Fine-Art Photography Exhibition with a mix of hope and nervousness. Time passed, and I eagerly awaited news. I was delighted to receive confirmation that my exhibition had been accepted, though it was scheduled for a year later. Surprisingly, just a month and a half later, I received another letter with remarkable news. Sir Cowasji Jehangir, a renowned patron of the arts, had praised my work, leading to an invitation to exhibit at the prestigious Kala Ghoda Arts Festival in just five months.

Now words cannot fully express the gratitude and admiration I feel for Sir Cowasji Jehangir’s support that brought my dreams to life.

“loved your work when I first saw it, wanted to see more in person” Sir Cowasji Jehangir

Subinoy Das-JAG-Jehangir-Art-Gallery_Fine-Art-Photo-Exhibition
Sir Cowasji Jehangir (JHC), 4th Baronet at Jehangir-Art-Gallery_Fine-Art-Photo-Exhibition
Sukant Panigray-JAG-Jehangir-Art-Gallery_Fine-Art-Photo-Exhibition
Sukant Panigray -JAG-Jehangir-Art-Gallery_Fine-Art-Photo-Exhibition

The inauguration of the exhibition was graced by none other than Sukant Panigrahy, a distinguished recipient of the prestigious Filmfare Award for Best Production Design/Art Direction for the film ‘Fanaa’. His presence added a touch of cinematic flair to the event, elevating the atmosphere with his remarkable talent and creative insights. Later that exhibition I had worked with him for the film ‘Fitoor’.

Amit Deshmukh at Jehangir-Art-Gallery_Fine-Art-Photo-Exhibition
Amit Deshmukh at Jehangir-Art-Gallery_Fine-Art-Photo-Exhibition

The exhibition was honored by the esteemed presence of notable figures who graciously took the time to appreciate the artistry behind the photographs. Among them were Amit Deshmukh, an Honorable Member of the Maharashtra Legislative Assembly, as well as the renowned director JP Dutta, accompanied by his wife, the esteemed actress Vindya Goswami, Mr. Vinay Somani, founder, Karmayog Convener, NGO Council. Their attendance acknowledged the exhibition’s significant cultural value.

We were also deeply humbled by the overwhelming acceptance and appreciation of our A Fine-Art Photography Exhibition by the art enthusiastic visitors.

Jehangir art gallery logo by Subinoy Das

In a stroke of luck, I joined hands with my close friend and fellow photographer, Samiul Haque, based in Mumbai. Together, we decided to merge our artistic perspectives and showcase our photographs side by side at the upcoming exhibition. This collaboration wasn’t just about sharing our work; it was about sharing the journey, the struggles, and the triumphs. Moreover, it came at a time when both of us were navigating through financial challenges, making it all the more meaningful and impactful.

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About Jehangir Art Gallery:
Established amidst the cultural tapestry of 1952, the Jehangir Art Gallery stands not just as a beacon of artistic exhibition, but as a testament to the evolution of contemporary Indian artistry. Nestled within the vibrant streets of South Mumbai, its inception is owed to the visionary spirit of Sir Cowasji Jehangir, Second Baronet (1879-1962), a luminary whose influence spanned the realms of industry, finance, and the arts.

More than mere walls adorned with masterpieces, the gallery pulsates with life, hosting a diverse array of exhibitions spanning the realms of painting, sculpture, print-making, craftsmanship, ceramics, photography, and weaving. Yet its mission extends beyond the mere display, as it serves as a sanctuary for intellectual discourse, fostering dialogue through captivating lecture programs, immersive workshops, and engaging discussions on the multifaceted forms of artistic expression.

The Jehangir Art Gallery serves as a supportive environment that fosters artistic growth. It provides a welcoming space for emerging artists to engage with renowned masters. By fostering connections and collaborations within the art world, the gallery not only serves as a physical exhibition space but also as a vibrant hub for creativity and cultural exchange, bringing artists, art enthusiasts, and the community together.

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