Abayab – A visual documentation by Subinoy Das & Adusyanti Chatterjee.

Photographing every Author, Publishers and Artists attending at the Kolkata International Book Fair, 2024 is about capturing the vibrant tapestry of voices, fostering a sense of community, preserving memories, and creating a visual narrative that reflects the inclusive spirit of the literary gathering through ‘Abayab’. 

We embarked ‘Abayab’ journey fuelled by our deep passion for literature and admiration for the visionary minds who brought this creation to life. Our fervent hope is that our efforts will inspire others to carry the torch forward, igniting a flame of creativity and celebration at every Book/ Art fair across India.

why this was necessary?

* Celebrating Diversity ~ Kolkata’s book fair likely attracts authors from various backgrounds, genres, and cultures. Photographs help highlight this diversity, showcasing the richness of perspectives and stories being shared at the event.
* Promoting Inclusivity ~ Capturing images of all authors emphasises inclusivity. It ensures that every contributor, regardless of their popularity or prominence, is acknowledged and represented. This sends a powerful message that every author’s voice matters.
* Building a Community ~ Photographs create a visual narrative of the community of authors who came together. This fosters a sense of belonging and camaraderie among authors, making them feel part of a collective effort to celebrate literature.
* Documenting History ~ The photos become a historical record of the specific book fair in Kolkata. Over time, these images can serve as a visual archive, chronicling the evolution of the literary scene in the city and capturing moments that define the cultural and literary landscape.
* Connecting with Readers~ Readers often appreciate seeing the faces behind the books they love. Photographs authors and make their work more relatable, forging a personal connection between writers and readers. This personal touch can enhance the overall experience of the book fair.
* Showcasing NEW Talent ~ If there are new authors in attendance, photographing them provides an opportunity to showcase and promote local literary talent. This not only supports the authors themselves but also contributes to the broader recognition of the region’s literary contributions.

Presenting Abayab


thank you note

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all the writers, artists, publishers, friends and each and every person whose collaboration has been instrumental in making this project a resounding success. A special thank you goes out to the entire GUILD team of the Kolkata International Book Fair 2024, whose warm reception and appreciation of our documentary project ‘Abayab‘ have been truly uplifting. And of course, we are deeply thankful to all the bookworms and avid readers of Kolkata whose enthusiasm and support have fueled our passion for literature even further.


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  • When utilising these images for writer’s information in books, magazines, films, etc., please provide appropriate credit as ‘Subinoy Das / Wowdings’.
  • Images may be printed for personal use. If the images are being used for commercial purposes, obtain explicit permission from the creator or copyright holder. Respect any restrictions they may have regarding commercial usage. kindly send an email to abayab@gmail.com and await our response.
  • Unauthorised selling, altering, manipulating or reproduction of these images in any format is strictly prohibited without our explicit permission.

    “Treat the creators with respect and integrity”. Please honour our unconditional work by accurately crediting us and acknowledging our contributions to your own creative endeavours.


You’re welcome to access ‘ Abayab’s  images from our Google Drive. Please note that these are low-resolution photos intended for web sharing. For high-quality versions, kindly send an email to abayab@gmail.com with the name of the photo(s) you need. Additionally, we kindly ask that you honour our efforts by crediting us accurately and acknowledging our contributions to your creative projects.

अबयब (Abayab)

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