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    Some Frequently Asked Questions

    This is where we have answered the most common questions prospective clients might have. It’s a good idea to cover things like your delivery policy, quality info, working ethics, Terms, and conditions, etc. Please check out the questions below.

    Do you do destination weddings?

    We are avid travellers, so we like to hop on a plane whenever we can. So, no place is off our grid.

    Do you offer wedding video /cinematography services?

    Yes, we do beautiful cinematic wedding films to go with your unique photo story. Please check them on our film page.

    When do the pictures get delivered?

    It generally takes us about 8 to 16 weeks to artistically master your images ( sometimes depending on workload), prepare your web gallery, produce your slideshow, and design your album (which will arrive, along with your USB drive, 6-8 weeks after final design approval).

    What services do you provide?

    We create Candid, Contemporary, Fine-art, Photojournalistic, and Editorial based Bridal shoots, Basic wedding videography, and Cinematic wedding films, Creative Pre/Post wedding/Romantic/Lifestyle Portraiture shoots, and Premium coffee table books. WOWDINGS is quite talented to serve you with awesomeness.

    What is the booking procedure?

    The booking procedure is a very simple one which involves:
    a) Filling in the booking form,
    b) Clarifying the costs,
    c) Paying the 50% deposit to secure the wedding day booking.

    Do you charge extra for outstation assignments?

    No. Our Photography and Filming charges remain the same. However, our travel charges, accommodation, and the meals for the assignment, for which we have been engaged, need to be paid separately by the clients, which is not included in the photography/filming cost.

    Can we request you, not to publish our photos/film/other creative material on your website or social media pages as part of your portfolio?

    Yes, you may; and we will not share any pics from your event. However, in that case, we mutually need to sign a written Non-disclosure agreement along with the main Independent Contractor Agreement, and we charge 3 times the business amount value in that case, to keep the work private forever. ( we would enclose it either separately with the quote or combined with your package ). Also, we show our future clients the photos from our devices in person if they want to see if we have done a similar wedding as theirs ( culture, customs, location ); but we do not share the client identity/event details with them.

    Do you shoot alone or you have a team?

    Depends on the shoot. We have our complete in-house team, which gives us the freedom to successfully take care of all your wedding reportage needs, through photography and cinematography.

    Do you shoot both sides of a wedding?

    Yes, we do. In fact, we prefer shooting both sides of the wedding, since for you, as a client, to have two separate teams to cover essentially the same thing, will be a waste of resources, and for us, as a team, it is much easier to manage our own crew, rather than coordinating with some different team on the wedding day, as our team members have developed a thorough understanding of our workload over the years, by working together, so that leaves no chance of internal conflict, or a compromised output anywhere. Our wedding is spanning over 4 days. Of which the first two days don’t have much workload. Will you charge me for half-day, or on an hourly basis, for those two days? No, we accept the full day’s payment.

    Do you provide wedding albums with your package?

    Yes, we do. More information on call or via mail.

    Would you provide me with the complete dump of all the photos taken from the wedding?

    We usually do not provide unedited data. Unprocessed data does not represent a photographer’s true vision, the vision n perspective that you are hiring us for. The amount of edited works that would be part of the final delivery is itself of mammoth proportions for anyone to go through, and cherish for life.

    Who owns the copyright of the photographs/film?

    As creators, we own the copyright/author rights to the photos and the film. However, you own the full usage rights to the photos, which essentially means you can make more prints of them, share the photos online, and send them to your relatives. However, you can’t sell them.

    What kind of package prices do you have?

    As every wedding is unique, so are its service requirements. So there cannot be a copy-paste one-price-fits-all package value. However, our starting price is a basic minimum investment of around $10,000 ( 7 Lakh INR ) from you, for a two-day luxury destination event photo-film coverage, with all the services thrown in.

    Is there any hidden cost added to the total payable amount of the package prices?

    Service charge as per mutual discussion + GST applicable.

    Would you tell us more about your wedding film?

    A lot of times when someone wants to book our services, they are confused about which style of wedding videography should they go for. You can find more information here.

    Are your wedding photography/cinematography packages negotiable?

    The outstanding quality of wedding photography and films also comes at a premium price. However, we can always discuss your particular requirement, and see, if we can work out something within your budget, by varying the deliverables or taking into consideration the work schedule and our own production cost.

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