Wowdings is a team of diehard romantic wedding photographers and wedding filmers who are irrevocably in love with love.

We offer the best wedding photography in Delhi (India), for those who seek a sophisticated work. In addition, we also tailor cinematic wedding films and fine-art wedding albums for our luxury clients.

Our style of work

We love poetry in motion. And genuine expressions in images. Therefore, we try to explore the chemistry between a couple through honest captures. 
In our portfolio you will find, a combination of fine-art portraits, and informal moments of emotion. Our signature style of work is “storytelling through wedding photojournalism“.

We have an undying love for images that are haunting and beautiful. Images that evoke tender feelings. Ones that give a sense of time. So, we adore images that include the raw, authentic moments. Images that show the ‘in-between’ vulnerable moments. Pictures that tell the wedding story of each human, with a lot of intimacy. And those images finally transcend Wedding Photography.

While you will find shots that are most subtle, there are also shots which are complex and moody in our work.

The Travelling Storytellers

We travel far and wide to offer the best-in-class experiential wedding photography. Truly, we are lucky to work with a niche group of people. Few very beautiful souls. Who also prefer classy and editorial style of work. Probably the best we could have ever asked for. After handling successfully, weddings across several cultures, we dedicatedly come up with outstanding perspectives in shooting each time for them.

Let’s Meet !

An inexhaustible love for the people compels us to serve them through the heart. We place Purpose over Popularity. We value People over Profit. At WOWDINGS, we also take care of your Wedding Planning needs.

If you are looking for the uncontested best wedding photography in Delhi, then look no further! For the reason that we are not out to make just a reportage of your wedding day, we tell your story your own way. So lets catch-up at Starbucks over a cup of coffee maybe, to get started on your pre-wed couple consultation.

Write to us, here, to know more about how we work.

And finally, here’s a set of some of our exclusives, for you to enjoy!

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