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Food business – regional or international – is a competitive industry and every business owner wants his unit to stand out. To resolve this you can hire a Delhi based food photographer. We are here with the experience to create the right lighting composition and styling concepts to produce attractive and mouth-watering images. The result – more customers, more orders, and better profits.

Why should you hire us?

As a business owner if you are interested in laying down a strong and enviable foundation for your food business then it is crucial that you outsource the job of food styling photography to an ace photographic team like WOWDINGS. Our team consists of acclaimed photographers who have been associated with ace food critiques and enthusiastic startups as well as brands.

Let your business soar high and become a success – get the best food photography shoots done by hiring WOWDINGS, one of the best food photographers in Delhi. While your head chef may know the art of plating dishes, with us by your side, the food will be styled for the camera in a way that their distinctive styles can be captured with all of our senses. Our style will help your brand to stand out and be recognizable.

Appetising photos make your mouth water.

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You can find our professional charges at the bottom of this page.



LATEST Shoot for Amaltas Cafe

We love our art and we’d absolutely love to make art for you!

CAFE’PICCO Mix Styled Food Photography


The fact is, people, eat with their eyes as much as they do with their mouths. We would love to give you our absolute best services at the best price. However, in food-photography prices can greatly vary. So don’t hesitate to contact us to get a price tailored to your specific needs and budget.

If you wish for people to buy your food, you have to make them hungry first.
That’s how we shoot food!



* The prices mentioned above do not include GST and every package charge is valid for 8hrs(one full-day) shooting-time engagements only.
* If the shoot extends for extra days ( for the same number of dishes as mentioned above in the packages), man-day labor for every extra day will cost an additional 10,000 INR.)
* It is mandatory, that the client or anyone who represents the client and is authorized to approve the final output of the images/video on the camera, is present at the shooting location during the shooting time.
* It is advisable that the shoot is done on a day when the commercial activities of the place will be closed, for the shoot to happen fast, seamlessly and unhindered.
* It is also advisable that the kitchen staff/management has a proper plan on the Plating ahead of the shoot, for all the dishes, to save wastage of time during the shoot ( if the Client has decided to do the plating themselves). The Client needs to have a clear vision of how s/he wants his/her product to appear, and accordingly instruct the people in charge of plating to make it ready and serve it accordingly for the shoot.
* The Client is also required to share reference images, in the likeness of which, he would want his product to be shot.
* If the Client has decided to do the plating and styling themselves, the photographer won’t be responsible for any more than adjusting the compositional angles and lighting of what has been provided to him. S/he won’t touch anything, in the plating or the styling part.
* No print will be provided unless agreed upon otherwise on the email.
* The shooting crew comprises at least 1 photographer and 1 shoot assistant.
* Commutation expenses to the shooting location for the shoot need to be provided separately by the client and are not included in shooting and editing charges.
* Everything pertaining to the scope of work, and the terms and conditions of association, including any amendments should be explicitly mentioned over email, and any changes thereof, also need to be mentioned in the same email body.
* Request for making digital creatives with the images shot will be charged extra.
* Expedited delivery of images, before the proposed turn-in time, will be charged extra.
* If the shoot extends for more than 4 hours, snacks and refreshments must be provided to the crew, and if it goes beyond 8 hours, a proper meal needs to be provided.
(Prices are guides only and subject to change. Licensing fees apply for product packaging, billboards as well as print and web advertising.)

All copyright remains the property of WOWDINGS.
We are looking forward to meeting you and creating the art together.

Hire a delhi based food photographer
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