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A Fine-Art Photography Exhibition

Ten years ago a remarkable chance came my way; the opportunity to exhibit my photography at the Jehangir Art Gallery. Mumbai called out to me during a time when my father was undergoing treatment at TATA MEMORIAL. Amidst taking care of him I found moments to discover the charm of the city from the streets… Read More

Pet Photography: Why I do What I do

Lights, Camera, Wag; Where it all began A lot of people, who are familiar with my name from other forms of photography, often wonder, how did Delhi Pet Photography come to be. At times it’s more important to answer the “why’s” than the “how’s” in our life. When we do something, more often than not,… Read More

How To Get Organized and Be Stress-Free

    When does a human being decide to change? Change anything about their life? When their current way of life just does not work anymore. Arriving at such a contingency point in my life I decided to change too. To do a complete overhaul of a system that was no longer working for me…. Read More

Romantic couple shoot in Kolkata

We approach our couples the way we wish someone would approach our wedding/shoot if we hired a team. This also means that at times we go above and beyond our capacity, all out, and do more than what is expected, to ensure that the work is completely and responsibly done to tell the story of the day, even if that means we don’t put a time cap on shooting.

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Colours of Indian Weddings

When we talk about the Colours of India, we take into account the festivals, cities, communities, food, attires, but what we definitely miss out on mentioning, are the Colours of Indian Weddings. India is a vibrant and colorful land with so many cultures melting together to form a sub-continent, and Indian weddings are no exception…. Read More

An untold story of the First Transgender Wedding in Kolkata

I saw her first on social media around 2013. She was tall, dark with sculpted features, exuding a blend of beauty, power, elegance, and strength that was rare. I was intrigued enough to research more about her. During the following years, united with the common goal of crusading against discriminations and being the voice for the voiceless, she turned into a dear friend. This August I attended her social wedding. A brief story from the photographer herself.
Published at various journals and exhibited too.

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Mountain Pre-wedding Photography in Himachal

This is a story of a beautiful mountain Pre-wedding Shoot in Himachal Pradesh. With our dear friends Diksha and Rajan, we spent an awesome weekend getaway on the mountains of Kalpa, Himachal Pradesh for their pre-wedding photography. The travel from Delhi to Kalpa in itself was no short of awesome.

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Win a Free Couple Shoot!

We hope you are in great spirits! Winter is the time to Celebrate. And it was recently, that our brand (WOWDINGS) had its 10th birthday (yay!). To share this love with you, we are running a contest where you can win a Free Couple Shoot, from Monday 20 November 2020 to Tuesday 24 November 2020 on our Instagram.

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Best Indian Documentary photographers on Instagram

Here’s the list of our favourite and best Indian documentary photographers on Instagram.
Each of these projects demonstrates the persistent authority that photographers have always relied on – that a camera allows you to step into communities and situations and take a look and also to step back, reflect and comment. We uncover some of the best Indian documentary photographers on Instagram who has shared a secret from the past, for you to discover.

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20 most loved Bollywood Songs for Couple Posing Ideas

WOWDINGS always gets asked, what inspires us or where do we get the ideas to capture the couple in naturally beautiful poses on our pre-wedding shoots. So here is a handpicked list of some Bollywood songs, which helps us get the most attractive couple shots. We read a lot of books, poetry, watch films, and also attend art exhibitions to learn what other creators think and draw inspiration from that.

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