Aanchal // Soumak

Babaganoush wins over Sriracha !!
She grew up in Singapore, He grew up in the Middle East.

A right-swipe on Coffee Meets Bagel, and a failed first-date later…they vowed never to meet again, only to be connected by the mutual love of food (yes you read that right !) they decide to give it a shot , and voila! 2 years hence, in a cultural confluence, of Maharashtra, Punjab and Bengal, surrounded by friends and family from all over the planet , our quirky, cool and fun Bengali boy Soumak ties the knot with simple , sober and sweet Dr.Aanchal , in an unforgettable gala wedding ceremony spanned over 3 days, in the heart of our very own Kolkata.

In a crazy rapid-fire they could never get each other’s answers right, but in real life, they got each-other as right as nobody ever would!

Every assignment is a blessing for us, as they are people who trusted us with the most important day of their lives. Thanks to every single individual who made this wedding not just possible, but a grand success!


Dress: Sabyasachi
Jewelry: Raj Mahtani
Perfume: Chanel
Shoe: Valentino
Venue: Taj Bengal, Kolkata
Event Planning: WeddingWows.


T H A N K . Y O U

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