Choklong – The Ahom Wedding

Ancient India was a unique melting pot for various communities of Asia such as Scynthians, Shungas, Bactrians, Parthians, Kushanas, etc. All of them contributed to the uniqueness of India that we see today. Some stayed back, completely mixing with the Indian cultural fabric; some went away taking the vastness of Indian culture along with them. Around the early 12th century, Northeast India experienced the advent of a new group of people, the Tai Ahoms, who changed and moulded the history of the region forever. The group stayed back, mesmerized by the natural beauty of the region and its unmatched fertile alluvial soils which were enriched annually by the mighty Brahmaputra. Tai Ahoms immensely contributed to art, culture and religion of India.


T H A N K . Y O U

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