Cross culture wedding in Kolkata

In the rolling hills of Italy, where the sun kisses the earth with golden hues, Sumouli, a woman of grace and intellect from the vibrant streets of Kolkata, found her heart intertwined with Alfre’s, a gentleman from the picturesque towns of Italia. Their love story unfolded like the pages of a timeless romance, each moment filled with laughter, joy, and the promise of a lifetime together.
As Alfre ventured to India with Sumouli by his side, he was greeted with the warmth of her family, the embrace of her cousins, and the laughter of her friends, all eager to share in the celebration of their love. Amidst the hustle and bustle of Kolkata, they immersed themselves in the rich tapestry of Bengali traditions, guided by the loving hands of those who held them dear.
Together, they embarked on the journey of planning their cross-cultural wedding, with WOWDINGS capturing every precious moment along the way. From the delicate intricacies of their attire to the ethereal beauty of their wedding decor, each detail was a testament to their unwavering devotion and the depths of their love. As a team, we deeply appreciate and feel privileged to have been a part of this enchanting cross culture wedding in Kolkata. Our hearts are filled with love and gratitude for the opportunity to witness and capture such a beautiful celebration of love and unity.
And as they exchanged vows on the day of their Kolkata affair, under the watchful gaze of loved ones and the twinkling stars above, Sumouli and Alfre’s love shone brighter than ever before—a love that knew no bounds, transcending oceans and continents, uniting their hearts in a bond that would withstand the test of time.

In the spirit of Italian romance, let us borrow from the immortal words of Petrarch, an Italian poet from the 14th century.

Quando io v’ho nel pensier, donna gentile,
Quelle dolci parole o dolci sguardi,
Che fanno l’anima mia tremar d’ardi,
E veder voi mirar ne mio gentile:
E quando m’ud’ a voi chiamar ‘Ben mio’,
E ‘Mio diletto’, e ‘Lasso!’, e ‘Dolce amore’,
E ‘Onde ven’, e ‘Quando’, e ‘Perché’, e ‘Dove’,
E ‘Se tornar potrò giammai più quivi’:
E quando miro il vostro viso schietto,
E quello sguardo amator non men vero,
Né mai sdegnoso, e l’aspetto soave,
E ‘l parlar, che mi stringe al dolce petto:
Dico fra me: ‘Son io pur quel medesmo
Che mille volte mi son visto in vario?’
S’io chiamo amore il desir ch’ogni giorno
Cresce nel mio pensier sempre diverso,
E ‘l dolce affanno, che ‘l cor me stringe,
E ‘l dì ch’io vivo per morir di vero.
~ Petrarch

Here are some pictures from their Pre-wedding Shoot in Kolkata. We have additional pictures to include in this album capturing the essence of the cross culture wedding in Kolkata.

Photographed by : Team WOWDINGS


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