Debanjana // Vinayak
It’s not every day that we get to do Bengali wedding photography or  a pre-wedding shoot in Kolkata, or a post-wedding shoot in a heritage house in Kolkata, that bears the tell-tale charms of this old city and Bengali culture.

Debanjana and Vinayak, or rather Diya and Vinu  ( for us ), are childhood sweethearts. We have known Vinu, since he was in college, several years ago, since the time we became a family friend to them.

We were overjoyed when we got to know they are finally getting married and more than honoured when Vinu’s father had asked WOWDINGS to shoot this gorgeous Bengali wedding. ( Luckily for us, he also happens to be one of those rare people who does not mispronounce WOWDINGS as wow weddings.)
Their couple shoot was not part of the plan, as they were really pressed for time because of their hectic schedules with wedding planning, but we really wanted it to be a wedding gift from at our end.

Finally, we could mutually find a slot, for the couple shoot, and we were happy beyond measures. Now if a wedding photographer has to do a couple shoot in Kolkata, let’s say, they would first go scouting the best pre-wedding photography location in Kolkata. But having known Vinu and their family for years, we knew there could be no better shoot location, than his own old ancestral house in North Kolkata. A place, which is not just a heritage place, but where the couple could be at ease, comfortable, and in their best elements.

Being the son of an eminent photographer himself, Vinayak always has been an art lover, and has a deep love for monochrome photography. Vinayak knew, we do candid wedding photography, but it’s not just candid photography. It’s wedding photojournalism or documentary wedding photography or reportage wedding photography. It is sheer luck for a photographer to get hired for their unique style of photography . Further on,  his father suggested that for their couple images a theme-based pre-wedding shoot or a conceptual pre-wedding shoot would be great.  So we never had to think twice before doing fine-art wedding photography or black and white pre-wedding photography for them.

And as we watched their couple chemistry unfurl into hauntingly beautiful poetry in motion in front of our lens, we knew, perhaps we have never been so right in our life, and they turned out to be the best couple we shot in a December wedding.

T H A N K . Y O U

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