Aziza & Karuneek

It all started with an expatriate wedding. It was in a holiday destination inside an exotic resort. We were the invitees. The couple told us they came looking for a mere vacation photographer during their stay. And they ended up marrying in India. Over the evening cocktail party discussions while they revealed to us, throwing a big fat Indian wedding hasn’t been so easy for them, but getting married in India, or holding their dream fairytale wedding in India or a royal wedding in India, wedding in India is a dream they could not pass up.

And surprisingly enough, in a month or so from that conversation, we found ourselves covering our first cross-cultural wedding. Interracial weddings always have their own charm. The mere fact that two ethnically different people wanted to love beyond borders overcoming whatever obstacles they might have encountered, is just too beautiful. Be it an Indian guy marrying a white girl, or a white guy marrying an Indian girl, every international wedding or a fusion wedding that we have covered till date will always be so special to us.

Our Uzbek Bride, Aziza Musaeva, the beautiful and insanely talented Violinist from Tashkent, started strumming the chords of Violin at the tender age of five. After receiving her undergraduate degree in violin and piano performance, in Uzbekistan, she moved to the United States to pursue her professional performance certificate. Little did our violinist know, that the chords of her heart were to be played by our handsome Indian Groom, Karuneek Anand right there in the USA.

Their beautiful courtship culminated into a prosperous marriage, marked by an intimate and equally luxurious Sikh wedding ceremony, retaining all the fun flavors that Punjabi weddings are made up of, we were happy to be a part of the celebrations.

A sizeable chunk of our wedding photography and wedding film clients are not from India. While most of them look for NRI wedding photographers or NRI weddings or destination wedding photography, some of them look for simple photography for weddings. Some others look for photographers in Delhi for weddings and yet others specifically hunt for wedding photographers in South Delhi. And a select few when asked, tell us, they didn’t want to settle for anything less than the best wedding photographer in India.  While Photography is by and large an individual form of art, with no two photographers looking at the same moment the same way, these compliments from our clients continue to make us feel over the moon.

We Love Intimate Weddings, especially where there is a cultural confluence, right from the wedding guests, to the wedding menu, to the wedding rituals and this was the very first of them.

The photos below unfold their lovely wedding story through a reverie of emotions.

Venue: Shri Guru Granth Sahib Vidya Kendra ( Mehrauli, Delhi )
Wedding Wear: Brahaan by Narains
Accessories: CHHC perfume by Carolina Herrera
Wedding Ring: Tiffany and Co


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