Tulika // Aman
Without a doubt, The real traditional Garhwali Wedding Photography is a vibrant and arduous affair. Also, a popoular Garhwali wedding photography is challenging and stressful sometimes, but couples like Tulika & Aman never turned you down and boost you always. Be a Wedding photographer team to photograph the beautiful moments of togetherness is always great.

In a traditional Garhwali wedding the big gold nose ring (Nath)is an absolutely necessary ornament that a bride needs to wear during the wedding. After the wedding, the married woman has to the holy ornament wear a black beaded necklace called ‘Chareu’.

Wedding Venue: Yadu Greens
Outfit: Manyavar
Accessories: RadoTitan, etc.
Shot with Canon 5d with Magmod Light Modifiers.


T H A N K . Y O U

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