Destination Christian Wedding in Kerala

It was a Monsoon Wedding. And an Indo-Western Wedding. And we shot this over an incredible weekend in Kerala. Small Weddings are always big on charm. And Wowdings has always been fascinated with intimate mountain elopements and pre-wedding shoots on a mountain. Cross-cultural love; stories get our hearts swooning like no other. Where love is just plain love – It isn’t bound by cultural, emotional, or even religious barriers, just like Joseph and Lidia’s’!

Each of the pictures that we took froze in time the echoes of the laughs and the whispers of the love which can be heard just by taking a glimpse at the frames. Every couple has a story to tell, be it in arrange or love marriage. We capture it in the best possible way so that they can cherish those moments even after several years.

Curious to know why are so smitten with this lovely wedding in particular?

T H A N K . Y O U

Are you are looking for the uncontested best wedding photography in Delhi? then look no further! For the reason that we are not out to make just a reportage of your wedding day, we tell your story your own way.

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