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Okay, so I am going to tell the story the way I remember it. Mary Elizabeth Mcdowell, who is fondly called Mary Liz, and Lizzo by her loved ones, is someone who has an infectious sense of humor. And so did her gang of girls! Our beautiful Scottish-American Bride, from Charlotte ( North Carolina, USA), met her handsome Punjabi-Groom Rajit the heir of Punjab Jewelers, at the Gemological Institute of America(Carlsbad, California ), where they were studying.

Rajit formally proposed a marriage to Mary Liz, in Neemrana Palace in India, on a surprise romantic date ( when she was visiting India ) going down on his knees, with a ring that he had designed himself Eventually, they had their first Catholic Wedding in America, followed by a super-fun Hindu-Punjabi wedding in India .

On her dad’s birthday, Mary Liz thanked him for saying, ” Thank you Dad, for getting me married to the same man twice! Undeniably Mary Liz’s adorable Mamie ( Maternal Grandma) was the star of the show. Few of the remarkably funny incidences that I recall from the wedding were,… Mary Liz and Rajit were sneakily stealing a kiss on the super-rushed Mehndi morning and got caught by Rajit’s Grandpa. ( and us paparazzi too! )

Mary Liz got all dressed up and was posing for those final photos with her girls. The next moment is something we all have been waiting for. The Bride’s dad was about to have his first-look, of Mary Liz, dressed as an Indian Princess. We opened the door. He was jaw-dropped (and horrified), and went, “Gina!! What the heck!! ” (not quite what we expected ) (The first look turned out to be that of Gina, this ridiculously fun bridesmaid downing her 30th drink perhaps since morning)

My partner calls me up, while the bride was getting ready.
He: “What’s going on over there?”
Me: ” Bride is getting dressed.”
He: “Get good shots.”
Me:” I am not shooting”.
He: “What? Why ?”
Me: “I am helping her get dressed!!”…

( A Bridesmaid during the Reception)
She: Ady, I needed to ask you something really really important.
Me: Sure, shoot!
She: So there’s a big hole, in my dress, here ( pointing out), how big will it look in the photos?
Me: Wheres the hole?
She: Thank god!

There were several of these hilarious situations, and honestly, I don’t remember all of them right at this point, and also the last time I laughed so hard at any wedding. So this crazy-fun wedding later, they went for a honeymoon in Thailand, to have that much awaited Elephant-Ride! This one happened to be also one of those really intimate, simple, beautiful, yet classy weddings with sophisticated decor, color palette, guests, the ones that we at Wowdings, really really love to do.

Now settled in the beautiful Doon Valley, Mary Liz and Rajit, continue to work on their range of Jewelry, and we wish them lots of happiness with beautiful and fun juniors! Here are a few of the photos from one of our most favorite wedding of all times …

Bridal Outfit: JJ Valaya
Jewelry: Punjab Jewellers
Wedding Venue: Le Méridien/ Hotel Diplomat

T H A N K . Y O U

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