Sarah and Salman #quboolhain

“कल का हर वाक़िआ तुम्हारा था , आज की दास्ताँ हमारी है” – Gulzar

“Salman and I met 10 years ago on a film set. It was his first film and mine too. We were both working behind the camera and the film set gave us a chance to become friends. We kept in touch and almost 5 years back, I was in his locality and happen to post a story about it. He immediately pinged me and asked me to meet him. We finally made the plan and spoke about life and how we were in our respective lives ready to settle down. It still didn’t strike us that this could mean something. We continued being friends but were spending more time than ever with each other. The time we spent together involved house hunting, watching shows, having dinners, and we finally realized that this is turning out to be so much fun so why not continue this and make this last for as long as we can? We continued having so much fun and a year back he proposed and I jumped on the idea. The wedding preparation started on that day and ended on 4th Dec 2022.
Now we’re prepping to travel, make films and spend time with our new families. Only exciting times ahead and a lot of joy in the future.”

           – Sarah(The Bride)

Couple: Sarah & Salman
Pictures: WOWDINGS
Location: Masonic Club, CP, New Delhi

P.S: ( Don’t miss Sarah’s lively performance in a lead role in the short film ‘Bebaak‘)

Sarah & Salman #quboolhain

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