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Love is a many-splendored thing.

There’s nothing sweeter than two beautiful people in the absolute zenith of their romance, posing together, just before the wedding. Life is all about capturing beautiful emotions, memories, and those special moments that make you smile when you look back at them – and a pre-wedding shoot offers just that. One of the most romantic pre-wedding shoots that we did was on a boat in Kerala, which rightly incorporates the authentic flavors of South-Indian rich cultural roots into the shoot.

Please read the story behind of this Destination Christian Wedding Photography in Kerala

pre-wedding photography in the river of munnar
minimal wedding ring macro shoot
dreamy portrait of the bride from an intimate wedding in kochi
intimate prewedding photography pose idea in kochi beach

It was a Monsoon Wedding. And an Indo-Western Wedding. A wedding we shot over an incredible weekend in Kerala. Small Weddings are always big on charm. And Wowdings has always been fascinated with intimate mountain elopements and pre-wedding shoots on a mountain. Cross-cultural love stories get our hearts swooning like no other. Stories where love is just plain love – It isn’t bound by cultural, emotional, or any other barriers, just like Joseph and Lidia’s’! Each of the pictures that we took froze in time the echoes of the laughs and the whispers of the love which can be heard just by taking a glimpse at the frames. Every couple has a story to tell, be it in arrange or love marriage. We capture it in the best possible way so that they can cherish those moments even after several years.

Curious to know why are so smitten with this lovely wedding in particular?

bridal portrait photoshoot in kochi

“Life is too short not to do something that matters”

Love, the very essence of life, makes us do things beyond our understanding.

Lidia & Joseph never understood how love made two different worlds merge into one. They just listened to their hearts and spoke the language of love.
Documenting this beautiful journey of love was a great experience for us…Lidia (Polish by birth) & Joseph (Indian by birth), based out of UK, approached us to document their intimate wedding planned in Kochi (India)…Their journey with each other, spanning over a period of ~ 7 years (since 2009), was interesting enough to draw our attention. They took their vows in Kochi; a place marked with British, Portuguese, and Dutch colonial past. And planned their couple shoot in Munnar; a magnificent valley town characterized by tranquil rolling hills, undulating lush emerald-green tea plantations contoured, clipped, and sculpted like ornamental hedges and arranged in a geometric perfection like a green carpet on a canvas of blue sky and yet bluer lake.

A famous German-born American photographer & photojournalist Alfred Eisenstaedt once said that “it is more important to click with people than to click the shutter.” As we took more bites into their relationship, we got inspired by their chemistry and unconditional bond of love, that overpowered everything else,  and we said YES!

intimate romatic pre wedding poses
intimate pre-wedding photography in munnar, kerala
pre-wedding photography in the river of munnar

Munnar – the paradise down under !

Munnar landscape at dawn from an intimate destination wedding in kochi

When we learned the shoot is going to be in Munnar, we were literally on the Moon. We were captivated by the majestic hilltop LochHart gap, a place so alluring with its vista, the kind of place that poets write about the charisma of nature. The roar of the incessant wind on the mountain top persisted on the peaks and the rising chilly coat of thick mist amidst the blanket of fog, soothed our eyes. The veils of misty wonder clinging to the Mattupetty Dam took our breath away. And the majestic Calvary Mount guarding the silky smooth river with a meadow landscape on the other side and two trails through the green stole our heart forever. Munnar is veritably the crown jewel of Kerala with all its raw and pristine beauty. This is a perfect place for getting insta-worthy photos. We named Lidia and Joseph’s Wedding Cinema, Confluence. Their sacred bond was a confluence of Indo-Polish culture, and also Munnar’ means the confluence of three rivers: Madhurapuzha, Nallathanni, and Kundaly which in Malayalam translates into Munnar meaning three rivers.


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Our journey from Kochi to Munnar offered breathtaking views. We passed through quaint little villages and small towns with cute houses, and sloping tiled red roofs surrounded by lots of greenery. The air was filled with the buzzing sound of swarms of honey bees. Almost all houses had gardens with colorful flowers and coconut trees. Through the long-winding roads, the cheerful villagers returned our wave with a 1000 watt contagious smiles, and the first signs of shy beautiful women plucking tea from the green tea gardens, indicated that we arrived at our destination. We were completely enamored by Munnar; the Kashmir of South India, one of the best pre-wedding and post-wedding locations in Kerala.

It was love at first sight for Joseph when he met Lidia, and it was the same for our team when we met Munnar. Adorned by three captivating mountain range – Mudrapuzha, Nallathanni and Kundala, and presenting indescribable spectacle, Munnar was posing from right out of fairytales.
We lost our words when the beautiful sun rays fell on the water of Kundala Lake and created a glittering effect.

intimate pre-wedding photography in munnar, kerala
intimate pre-wedding photography in munnar
pre-wedding photography on the river of munnar


Nestled in the Western Ghats and draped in clouds, Munnar is a beauty incarnated. The verdant beauty, ensured Lidia and Joseph’s pre-wedding photoshoot turn out to be so tranquil and dreamy that they resemble the high-class snaps that you find in high-class magazines. From cascading waterfalls to enchanting tropical forests, from a serendipitous view of misty mountains and luscious green valleys..this place had nearly everything you would ask for your pre-wedding shoot. We could have never imagined that we would get to do a photoshoot with the clouds hugging us. 

pre-wedding photography in munnar from an intimate wedding in kochi

The beauty of Intercultural Weddings

intimate wedding ring macro shot
bidal fashion and accessories from an intimate wedding
make-up session bridal getting ready
christian bride holding bouquet
intimate bridal portrait in natural diffused light

Lidia and Joseph’s wedding was a sacred union where two completely unrelated cultures had seamlessly combined into one. It was a beautiful Christian wedding with local Indian elements thrown in it. While Joseph looked dapper in a tuxedo, Lidia was resplendent in a golden Indian wedding saree. The wedding ceremony and rituals were a feast to the eyes.

kochi chruch interior wideangle shoot
Christian Wedding Photography in Kerala

The night before the marriage, at the groom’s house, the Madhuram Veppu was conducted. The bride /groom was placed in a special seat and then the prayers were done and the uncle of the groom asked the group of close relatives, whether he shall give the bride/groom the sweet. It was asked three times and then sweet was given to the bride and the groom. The ceremony ended with a small house party with lots of food, dances, and laughter, while Lidia put on her Mehndi.

intimate christian wedding photography in the chruch
Christian Wedding Photography in Kerala

On the day of the wedding, Joseph and Lidia set off from their home after offering prayers. Marriage was conducted by the groom’s party, at their parish. The marriage was done along with the holy mass. The marriage was blessed in the middle of the holy mass, by the priest. The declaration by the priest in the church regarding the couple’s intention to get married, called ‘Vilichu Chollu’ ensured that there is no dissenting note in the immediate community. Then the most imperative ritual of the Kerala Christian Wedding, Minnukettu followed.

christian couple at the church from an intimate wedding in kochi
christian couple at the church from an intimate wedding in kochi
Christian Wedding Photography in Kerala

During the marriage rites, the priest blessed the rings, and crowning was done. After exchanging the rings, the bride tied a thaali on her neck with the Minnu ( blessed pendant ). It is hanged on a string that is made from the seven threads that are taken from Manthrakodi. Later, this string is replaced by a gold chain. The tying of the Minnu declared that the couple is tied together for life. This is an Indian tradition that is followed throughout the country. The Manthrakodi or the wedding saree is a gift to the bride from the groom. This tradition represents the external evidence of the promise that the groom makes in the presence of the community of being a protector, provider, and redeemer of his bride in all her life.

couple are ready for the from an intimate wedding in kochi

At the end of this wedding ceremony, the couple signed their names in the register along with two witnesses ’ signatures. With the end of the marriage functions at the church, Lidia changed her costume to wear the Mantrakodi.

couple are sitting on Royal Enfield bike

The wedding ended with a sumptuous brunch. The next day we whisked the couple away for a post-wedding shoot and you can check out some of those lovely shots here!

pre-wedding photogrphy for an intimate wedding in kochi
fun pre-wedding shoot in Munnar

Sitting in India, did you always want a couple-shoot which has an International Appeal? There is only one wedding photography team who can, transport you to a dream through your couple photos, where each shot resembles a scene from a movie.

intimate moody black and white prewedding photography

Far from the hustle and bustle of the busy metropolitan cities, shooting a pre-wedding in God’s own country, Kerala, was a once in a lifetime rewarding experience for us. It is impossible to make the most of this place by shooting only one pre-wedding in Munnar. We planned to go back there as it mesmerized so, maybe for its aura is so fetching, or because we didn’t get to see the rare and endangered Nilgiri Tahr, or because we didn’t get to see the indigenous coracle boats uruli, or stay in a houseboat in the backwaters or watch the snake boat races, or maybe shoot another love-story on the carpet of blooming Neelakurinji, the mystic blue flowers that blossoms every twelve years in this unexplored part of heaven.

minimal destination pre-wedding shoot in the dark with fire

Wowdings specializes in fusion weddings. We not only do wedding photoshoot that captures romance at its best but also pre-wedding shoot that where all components of a cinematic enterprise come into play. We try to go to extreme lengths to make them as appealing and artistic as possible so that it dazes the viewers for their outstanding quality, drama, and emotions. If you are a couple who don’t want the hurriedly-taken staid images on your wedding and want what is known as Prathyekatha in Malayalam, meaning something that really stands out, remember to find a wedding company that can transfer your imagination and beauty of the location to beautiful images. And we at Wowdings are just the right fit for you!

Couple: Joseph & Lidia
Reception Venue: The Village Resort, Angamaly
Wedding Venue: St.George Basilica Church
Pre-wed Location: Kochi, Munnar
Photos in this Blog: WOWDINGS
Video Post-production: Yellow Butterfly Films

pre-wedding photography in munnar, kerala
Christian Wedding Photography in Kerala

Are you a couple from Kerala or planning a Christian Wedding Photography in Kerala or a pre-wedding in Kerala? We would love to know, how you want to plan your pre-wedding shoot.

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